‘Pluto’ release date Dec 8th!

pluto front cover

New album ‘Pluto’ has finally been pressed,
with release date now set for Dec 8th 2017, due to production
delays (Hey!It’s Christmas! Every band in the world is releasing
Greatest Hits/Christmas Tunes albums, so the pressing plants are
all working overtime to get everything out!)
It’s a double CD with 22 brand new original compositions
all played on my trademark purple 5-string electric violin
which has now been further customised with a midi output
to double as a violin synthesizer! Styles range
from traditional ‘Purple Electric Violin Concerto’
style classical rock (Pluto, Nostalgia etc) on disc 1
to an experimental mixture of metal, celtic folk-rock,
synthesizer-based electronica, minimalist & even disco
on disc 2!

CD available to pre-order from amazon.co.uk HERE

digital download available from amazon HERE

and from iTunes HERE

available in-store & online from 8th Dec
- full details to follow later!

UPDATE : I’ve finally received some advance copies of Pluto,
and will be selling them while busking in Chester & York
between now & Christmas; I’ll be in Chester tomorrow
(Tuesday 5th Dec), Thursday & Friday,
and in York on Saturday 9th Dec!

Come & say hello,
and I’ll be happy to sign a copy for you!

It’ll also be available instore at HMV soon!

Track listing and album cover photos:- click for larger images

Track listing




2 Responses to “‘Pluto’ release date Dec 8th!”

  1. Kev November 30, 2017 at 12:18 pm #

    Hey Ed!
    Looking forward to ‘Pluto’ … going to be a blast I know!
    I wonder if you have thought about re-releasing your stuff on vinyl?
    It’s all the rage these days you know!! … lol
    Imagine ‘Purple Violin Concerto’ in purple .. (obviously)
    and ‘Ultraviolet’ in … ?? …
    anyway I’d snap ‘em up I can assure you!
    Something to consider anyway?
    All the best … Kev

    • Ed Alleyne-Johnson December 4, 2017 at 9:28 pm #

      Cheers Kev!
      Yes, I’d love to see PEVC in purple vinyl, & maybe a rainbow blend for Ultraviolet!
      Definite thought for the future! ( I believe PEVC was released on black vinyl in
      Greece, but I never received a copy!)
      I’ve just received the first pressing of Pluto, & will be selling them while busking in Chester & York
      between now & Christmas!
      Best wishes – ed

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