Symphony – 2008

Symphony - Ed Alleyne-JohnsonMy dad had a great influence on me musically. He was a great singer with a deep bass voice, and played me classical music records when I was a boy. “When are you going to write me a symphony?” he would joke. “Who knows? Maybe one day!” I would grin in reply.
When he was diagnosed with liver cancer I couldn’t believe he only had a few weeks to live. I set to work to try and write him the symphony I’d promised; his favourite composers were Mozart and Bach so I tried to imitate their style in it, particularly in the second movement. When it was nearly finished I took a rough mix to my Dad. “Here’s that symphony I promised you!” He was really delighted with it and listened to it through headphones in the hospital during his final weeks with a smile on his face.

Wingspan Records WING CD7

Tracks on this album

1.    Symphony no. 1 in G Minor — Allegretto/Largo
2.    Symphony no. 1 in G Minor — Passacaglia and Fugue
3.    Symphony no. 1 in G Minor — Adagio
4.    Symphony no. 1 in G Minor — Gigue
5.    5-Strings
6.    Last Forever
7.    Good Times
8.    Dawn of a Darker Day
9.    Good Times 2
10.    Glass Bead Game