Purple Electric Violin Concerto

Purple Electric Violin Concerto – 1992

Purple Electric Violin Concerto - Ed Alleyne-JohnsonPurple Electric Violin Concerto was my debut solo album and was released in 1992. I recorded all the tracks live and the unique quality of the album was created using my five-string electric violin and digital effects pedals.

Equation Records ECQD001
Distributed by Backs/RTM-Pinnacle

1.    Oxford Suite (part 1)
2.    Oxford Suite (part 2)
3.    Oxford Suite (part 3)
4.    Oxford Suite (part 4)
5.    Inner City Music (part 1)
6.    Inner City Music (part 2)
7.    Inner City Music (part 3)
8.    Inner City Music (part 4)
9.    Improvisation
10.    Concrete Eden