Fly Before Dawn

Fly Before Dawn – 1995 This album was a joint concept created by Denyze and me. Much of the album was written while we were staying in a small cottage in Cornwall – a part of the world which we love and where we always find inspiration. Wingspan Records WING CD001 Distributed by Backs/RTM-DISC Tracks […]

2020 Vision

2020 Vision – 1998 My second album with Denyze was released in the UK in 1998. The title track 2020 Vision was remixed by Ronnie Stone, who has also worked with the likes of Mansun. Wingspan Records WING CD002 Tracks 1. 2020 Vision 2. Warning Sign 3. Vertigo 4. Angel 5. Mad but Happy 6. […]


Echoes – 2005 For this two-disc set, I recorded 33 classic rock, pop and dance tracks. Each track was recorded live and I hope the combination of digital effects and my violin have produced distinctive versions of these popular tunes. Wingspan Records WING CD5 Tracks on this double album Disc 1 1. Clocks 2. We […]


Arpeggio – 2011 Arpeggio is a mix of original tracks and seven cover songs. I find that people like to hear the electric violin play familiar tracks as it shows the versatility of the instrument and, I hope, my enthusiasm for its sound. Wingspan Records WING CD8 Tracks on this album 1.    Baba O’Riley (The […]


Symphony – 2008 My dad had a great influence on me musically. He was a great singer with a deep bass voice, and played me classical music records when I was a boy. “When are you going to write me a symphony?” he would joke. “Who knows? Maybe one day!” I would grin in reply. […]


Reflections – 2006 For Reflections, I recorded these cover versions in the ‘Purple Electric Violin’ style. The nine tracks showcase the electric violin really well and gave me an opportunity to use digital effects to their full potential. Wingspan Records WING CD6 Tracks on this album 1.    Shine on you Crazy Diamond 2.    Life on […]

Purple Electric Violin Concerto 2

Purple Electric Violin Concerto 2 – 2001 This second Purple Electric Violin Concerto took its inspiration from my time busking in Liverpool which paved the way for Liverpool Concerto. The Classical Suite features over-dubs and vocal harmonies by Denyze which creates a richer orchestral feel. “In memory of Pagan, a very dear friend of ours […]


Ultraviolet – 1994 All tracks on this second album were recorded live during 1993. The tracks are as they were performed on my five-string electric violin, without the use of remixing. The album was remastered and re-released in 2003 to include a White outro which had accidentally been left off the 1994 release. Equation Records […]

Purple Electric Violin Concerto

Purple Electric Violin Concerto – 1992 Purple Electric Violin Concerto was my debut solo album and was released in 1992. I recorded all the tracks live and the unique quality of the album was created using my five-string electric violin and digital effects pedals. Equation Records ECQD001 Distributed by Backs/RTM-Pinnacle   Tracks 1.    Oxford Suite […]